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Maritime Accounts Receivable Services

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PhoneToll Free: 1-888-234-7175


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Methods of Payment: Cash, Cheque, Email Transfers, Online Banking with all Major Banks.

Phone toll free: 1-888-234-7175    Fax: 1-888-239-7175    Email:

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Maritime Accounts Receivable Code of Ethics:

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Unfair, profane, and abusive treatment of debtors is forbidden.


Under no circumstances will M.A.R.S. tolerate third party contact. M.A.R.S. employees must not contact the debtor's employer or any other person with respect to their outstanding account.


No M.A.R.S. employee will make repeated telephone calls solely to harass any person at the number called.


No attempt to collect will be made by M.A.R.S. on Sundays or statutatory holidays. Calls to collect will only be during hours permitted by provincial legislation.


Collect telephone calls or telegrams will not be sent to debtors.


Under no circumstances will any M.A.R.S. employee alter or deface any cheque, money order, or any other negotiable instrument intended as payment for a debtor's account, nor will they convert same for their own use.


At no time will an employee of M.A.R.S. represent himself/herself as an employee of any other agency or to be a member of a legal profession. They must never represent themselves as an employee of any court or sheriff's office or indeed allege themselves to be other than employees of M.A.R.S.


At no time will M.A.R.S. direct correspondence to a debtor in a form that has not been approved by provincial legislation.

We take our role as steward's of personal information seriously. In this vein, our conduct is governed by strict provincial and federal regulations and provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act and the Collections Agency Act.
M.A.R.S. has earned a positive reputation within the industry by establishing and adhering to comprehensive collection policies and controls.
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Maritime Accounts Receivables Service: A full service debt collection agency covering the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland area since 2001

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